Amber L. Excelsior

13 Columbia Circle
Albany, NY 12203




"Education survives when what has been learnt has been forgotten."                            ~B.F. Skinner (1904-1990)


  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively in teams for problem-solving and projects
  • Ability to apply psychological principles to workplace and other real world situations
  • Trained and experienced in the provision of excellent client, patient, and customer relations
  • Skilled in persuasive techniques for use in sales, negotiation, and conflict resolution
  • Work experience in a variety of environments and wide range of responsibilities


B.S. in Psychology  | 2015 - 2017
Concentration in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Strategic Sales

Excelsior College, Albany NY


A.A.S. Nursing | Registered Nurse License | 1990-1993
SUNY Delhi, Delhi, NY



A.A. Early Childhood Education | 1986-1988
Fresno City Community College, Fresno CA

Professional/Work Presentations

Activity Fairs (Examples ​Civic Engagement)

Photo gallery of activity fairs I organized in my work study job.  Presented to Hudson Valley Community College Council to demonstrate how engaged community partnerships can be used to assess student learning outcomes.

S-L at SUNY Delhi

As a college employee while attending school, this was a presentation to Residence Assistants to teach them about the new service-learning protocols  instituted at the college, so they can answer questions and educate their residents.

Inclusive Education Poster

Created to showcase exemplary community partnerships as part of advocacy and education position.

Academic Writing and Project Samples

Excelsior College PsychOut, created by me for a communications class.

A multimedia platform to communicate different types of information through a variety of methods.

Final Portfolio of coursework for Child Growth and Development


Abnormal Psychology game I created as final project for class

Demonstrates ability to create engaging face-to-face presentations using technology.



PSY 300 Final Project

Organizational Psychology - Final Project (Design an Organization with best practices using PowerPoint)



Virtual Child Project using Voicethread

Demonstrates Voicethread technology and capability.

Virtual Child Scrapbook Using Prezi

Demonstrates ability to use Prezi to present information.




Service-Learning Proposal

Writing sample proposing service-learning experience.