Terms & Conditions

By using MyPortfolio you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as outlined below. These Terms constitute a legally binding agreement between you (hereinafter, the “user”), and Excelsior College, the provider of MyPortfolio (hereinafter, “Excelsior” or “site administrator”).

 User obligations

  1. Inactivity – A user’s MyPortfolio account will expire after five (5) years of inactivity. Prior to such expiration, users will receive email notification that their account is due to expire. Users are encouraged to save their MyPortfolio materials to their personal devices prior to the expiration of their account for future use.
  1. Copyright – All files and content users upload to MyPortfolio are subject to all applicable laws governing protection for copyright and other proprietary rights. Users are responsible for ensuring they have appropriate permission to reproduce and publish any work that is not their own. By posting content in MyPortfolio, users are granting Excelsior all necessary rights to store and display user content.
  1. Acceptable Use – Users must not use their MyPortfolio account to store or display offensive material. If the site administrator receives reports that objectionable material is contained within a user’s MyPortfolio account, or that inappropriate behavior connected to use of a MyPortfolio account has occurred, the user’s account will be suspended and reviewed to determine if access to MyPortoflio should be permanently revoked. Users will be notified accordingly.

Inappropriate behavior includes use of objectionable material, intentionally attempting to load files with virus content, and any other behavior deemed to be a nuisance or offensive by the site administrator. Additionally, offensive material and inappropriate behavior are further described in the Excelsior Electronic Use Policy and the Guidelines for Online Interaction, and are incorporated into this agreement by reference.  Any misconduct by users should be reported to the site administrator.

  1. Public Information & Reporting Misconduct – Any unsolicited contact users receive as a result of personal information they have publicly released via their MyPortfolio account is solely their responsibility.
  1. Deleting an Account – Users can delete their account at any time by contacting the site administrator. If users delete their account, all their personal information and user content is destroyed and the site administrator will be unable to retrieve it.
  1. Changes – The site administrator may from time to time adjust these terms and conditions. Users are instructed to periodically review and remain familiar with these terms and conditions. The site administrator will, however, notify users of any major changes to the terms and conditions via the MyPortfolio homepage.

Excelsior’s obligations

  1. Creating a Safe & Secure System – The site administrator will undertake all reasonable steps to provide users with a safe, secure, and operational system. If at any time users feel their rights as a user have not been upheld or if they have any questions regarding the terms and conditions, please contact the site administrator.
  1. Reviewing Misconduct – The site administrator will ensure that all credible reported complaints related to objectionable material or inappropriate behavior, as described in Section 3 of this Agreement, are reviewed in a timely manner.
  1. Notifications – The site administrator will only contact users regarding their MyPortfolio account and this agreement as outlined by these terms and conditions. MyPortfolio may occasionally be unavailable for short periods of time as the site administrator releases new system features. The site administrator will post notifications of down times in advance as necessary. Email addresses maintained in the user’s account/profile will be used for contact.
  1. Accessing User Information – The site administrator will not share user account/profile information. The site administrator may in its sole discretion access a user’s account/profile information, portfolio, and its contents as may be deemed necessary and proper to enforce the provisions of this Agreement.


last updated 2.8.17